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How to measure and increase your ROI in digital marketing?

If all goes well, your marketing agency will play an important role for your customers and their business. But how do you ensure that your customers see your added value? The simple answer is continuously showing them the results you achieve for them. And not only that. Do you want to become indispensable to your customers? Then exceed their expectations by going one step further than your competitors. “That’s easier said than done,” you might say. That is why this article contains several practical tips. 

Make It Crystal Clear What Your Service Delivers To The Customer. 


The basis is the most important: all leads and conversions you generate for your customer must be transparent. This seems obvious, but have you mapped out all leads and conversions? Many marketing agencies report based on data from systems such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc. But what you will not find in this is how many people have called your customer after seeing a marketing expression or during a website visit. Without this data, an essential part of your reports is missing. You are doing your marketing agency short by not measuring telephone calls. The chances are that you generate (much) more leads and conversions than you currently know. 

Measure More Leads and Conversions with Call Tracking 


Fortunately, the solution is simple. With call tracking, you also measure the incoming calls of your customers. It offers you, among other things, the following insights: 

  • The number of incoming calls 
  • The success of these calls 
  • The origin of these calls 

The added value of call tracking is knowing which customer journey preceded a call and whether this call was a new lead or even conversion. 

ROI Metrics worth Measuring In Digital Marketing 


Marketing ROI depends on what channel you are measuring it. If you’re interested in your ROI, you need to know which channel or channel combination to measure your ROI. 

The most common channels for inquiries from new customers are: 

  1. Product
  2. Customer Service
  3. Special Promotions Online Review Conversions According to research by Software Consulting in 2020, more than 70% of those surveyed used clinical assessments as the first step in evaluating which doctor to use.

What online review platforms are people using most often, and which would you like to use for reviews? How can you invest in reviews, feedback and reputation management? Imagine if a social media platform like Facebook is being used to rate your product’s reviews. That means it’s a good idea to improve your Facebook page’s ratings tab. 

Calculate the time and investment needed to improve the number of people who leave reviews, your interaction with those reviews, etc. Monitor the inbound traffic from those review pages and the number of conversions you get, either directly from Facebook or through your website. 

Follow the path… 

Use the Path. You’ve invested in your review platform, added regular reviews, and brought up your reviews on your Facebook feed; you can track your results. Once you have a baseline number, you can calculate your ROI using your Facebook ROI calculator. 


Generate More Phone Conversions 

A marketing agency’s primary goal is to generate leads and convert them into sales. Effective agencies also focus their efforts on telemarketing. Leads generated over the phone are often more valuable than online leads, increasing their conversion rate. By using call tracking, you can generate more warm telephone leads. Following are three tips you can follow: 

  • You can see the campaigns on our dashboard. By seeing the campaigns, you’ll know what motivates telephone leads. 


  • Check out the keywords on our dashboard. You can then determine which paid keywords produce calls. 


  • Listen to sample conversations on our ‘call recording’ module. Upon hearing the caller’s voice, you will hear what they are looking for and who they are speaking to. Use this information to your advantage. 


Optimize Campaigns Based On Full Data 

It sounds like an opening the door to marketers. But here, too, it is not wise to do this solely based on online data. Also include call tracking data in this process. It often leads to surprising discoveries. For example, a campaign that generates few conversions online will generate many telephone conversions. Do you not use call tracking? Then you would probably stop or drastically change this campaign. As a result, part of your conversions collapses without you knowing why. 

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