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Website Design

HandyBuilds is a leading web design agency with a performance focused design team that creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

Designing the Website Path Based
On the Customer Journey.

Your first impression counts for only one time. The same holds true for digital services. The senses of your visitors will be stimulated and you’ll keep their attention longer with a customized website design! Therefore, pay sufficient attention to how your website will look.

Worry-Free Websites

You will receive full customer support from us. Our website designers will make sure you have an error-free website.

More Than Just Websites

With our web designing service, you can access the virtual world through many other channels. Such as marketing, social media, and logo design.

Satisfied Customers

Website designers empathize with the world of clients. It is only through your feedback that we can design a website that meets your needs.

Design and Finishing

We give you an estimated date for the publication of the first version of your website. We don't think about time, we are only on client’s satisfaction.

Types of Web Designing

It is therefore vital that the design of your website is clear and appealing. Your customers’ first impression determines whether they will click through to your website and ultimately contact you. Successful businesses require a well-designed and professionally functioning website. 

Our Services

Better Visibility & Modern Design

To attract customers to come visit and stay on your website, you must have a modern site that will charm your current and future customers. We offer you an up-to-date website which will load fast not only on Desktop but on smaller devices as well.

Our Services

Custom Website Design

Use custom website development services to optimize your customer journey. Our designers are here to assist you at any cost to fulfill your website’s design needs.

Our Services

E-commerce Website Design

Build your site with experienced e-commerce developers and web designers. Do you want to get started in e-commerce by creating your store? We have created more than 100 online stores for our customers, allowing them to increase their sales volume by reaching a wider clientele.

Our Services

Mobile UI/UX Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, it is a reality. It’s important to have a good brand image that will turn heads and make your customers trust your business. Our expert designers design high quality mobile UI/UX design that can improve your conversion rate.

Our Services

Web UI/UX Design

You can rely on us to navigate the complex world of user experience design and improvement. We will assist you in designing a UI/UX website strategy that best fits your business goals with our complete line of UI/UX web design services and our zero-investment UX audit.

Our Services

Landing Page Design

In today’s business environment, your website landing page acts as your business card. Potential customers are most likely to begin their relationship with you by visiting your website. Landing page is first impression for client. We design top-notch landing page to grab the attention of your customers.

Major techniques and Methodology:

We will then help you with the next steps: generating visitors and achieving conversions. In short: we take care of your online success! Our methodology for web development services are:





Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

In order to start your website creation project in good conditions, you must ask yourself the questions that will help you build your strategy. We are therefore going to review these different points to help you build your website well.

We create our websites exclusively with Word press. This best-selling content management system will provide you with increased security, the ability to edit your website yourself and easily publish new blog posts after it goes live, and manage your online store.

Generally speaking, designing your website and optimizing it will take between 8 and 12 weeks. Several aspects can alter this delay such as the time of the creation of the texts and the response time of the customer.

We have created different projects in many fields for a very long time. Actively;

  • E-commerce
  • Company Website
  • Site Web personnel
  • Event websites (Wedding, Organization, etc.)
  • Blogging sites

And we are working on different special projects.

Today, with the widespread use and usage of smart phones, instant web browsing results are seen at 99% on mobile and 1% on desktop. As is the case, we also pay more attention to the mobile view of your websites than the desktop view. All of our websites are designed to be 100% compatible with mobile devices.

People want to get as much information as possible without having to search for it. If your website is designed, you can automate certain tasks which will prevent you from overloading your customer support and frustrating your visitors.

For example, you can display information on the progress of an order, the quantity of products in stock, the possibility of online reservation and payment in advance, etc.

Connect with your innovative ideas to grow fast

A crucial aspect of creativity that makes your dreams happen. Now we are curious about you. What are your plans for your organization? And what will be happening in your business in the coming years? Share your issue with us and join us. The first step is up to you, we are ready!