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CRM Development

Follow your Customers and clients to run your business run smoothly.

CRM programming assists organizations with overseeing client connections and empowers them to screen the exercises of deals, advertising, and administration staff. What are the steps to execute it? Whenever you need assistance with settling on an ideal choice, we are here to provide the right data.

Boosts Your Sales

Make your sales cycle as efficient as possible. By automating CRM tasks, users can do orders, follow up on leads, and convert them into deals.

Easy Clients Approach

CRM frameworks empower you to make customized crusades based on information about your clients, which further develops promoting ROI.

A Factor of Loyalty

CRM relies on scripts and emphasizes collecting, sharing information, and personalizing the resulting customer communication.

Access To The Right Customer

We offer innovative tools to limit customer service requests while improving the customer experience and making it richer and more interactive.

A Tailor-Made System For Your Business

HandyBuilds offers smart software that saves your time on administrative actions. We assist you with the central place for mail, relations, schedule, documents, and tasks.

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HandyBuilds (CRM) uses information collected from customer interaction across multiple channels to compile, manage, and analyze that data. Our CRM optimizes efficiency to grow your business.

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Including sales forecast, capability to integrate with several channels, lead management, marketing automation, and opportunity management is our cutting edge features for our CRM.

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Benchmarking historical records is a very useful feature of our CRM. For each record you migrate, a Custom Field is created for the Legacy ID.


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Client and customer relationship is the most important thing to do. We offer solid customer relationship support that makes a smooth way toward your success.

Major Techniques and Methodology:

We have a team of experts that are always ready to assist you with the best advice to make your CRM work for you. Whether you need assistance in implementing your CRM or whether you need help with its basics. 





Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

Many quires arise in mind when we are in search of a CRM. We will try to give you the answer to maximum questions. We assure you that HandyBuilds CRM solutions are powerful for acquiring new customers or selling new products to current customers.

CRM is a path that everyone can be in tune with their situation with the customer. You can extract information without needing to call”. “No need for a phone call like, ‘how’s the deal going?’ You can log in and view the stages of all your opportunities. 

Responsive and attentive salespeople, a personalized message, tailor-made offers, and quality after-sales service. You will be thanks to the CRM tool; you will have enough information to anticipate and meet the specific needs and expectations of your customers and prospects. Enough to offer them a memorable shopping experience and build customer loyalty!

The HandyBuilds CRM makes it possible to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks (creation and sending of mail, creation of offers, etc.). Freed from these administrative constraints, your teams can focus on their core customer service business. They are more motivated and more productive. Result: your turnover increases!

Yes, collecting and analyzing data relating to your customers’ satisfaction is possible, particularly via the publication of satisfaction surveys. You will then be able to correct your shortcomings and adjust your offers.

HandyBuilds customer relationship management software gives you complete and quick access to all of your customer data. From purchase history to complaints to basic information, you will be able to identify your customers’ present and future needs and ensure them the best possible service.

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