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QUALITY ASSURANCE: Get Better Customer Satisfaction

A Software Quality Assurance process incorporates the most advanced methodologies to ensure the continuous improvement of software applications and tools once they have been put into production.


We offer efficient SQA services; a company's commercial success depends on the speed of the software. Our experts are always available for you.


Our experienced team of SQA project managers, test analysts, and testers allows you to prepare and execute a test campaign quickly and efficiently.


We are multi-tasking in developing and updating sites or applications to master each aspect of the project. Give us a chance to give you accuracy in your project.


Quality assurance is a big challenge, and accuracy is compulsory. With HandyBuilds quality assurance software, audits become an easy task.

We Protect the Quality of Our Customers' Software Products.

Finding contributes to its clients having High-Quality Software products, which allows them to improve their position in the market, peace of mind in the operation of their systems, competitiveness, client satisfaction, process optimization, and cost reduction.

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Non-Functional Tests

Non-functional tests are to carry out checks that guarantee the quality of the product from a technical point of view and, at the same time, allow prior knowledge of the capabilities, limits, problems, and risks related to the applications’ performance released in production.

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Functional Testing

The functional testing service lets you know if the software product meets its requirements. Learn about the scalability, stability, and response time speed of your applications in the conditions required for the continuity of your business.

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Load Tests

Know the response time of the software when there is a similar or higher workload in the operation of your business. These tests will help you identify your system’s maximum operating capacity, bottlenecks, and the causes of possible performance degradation.

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Stress Tests

Find out if your system is working properly under different conditions. Low memory, the maximum number of clients connected simultaneously, multiple users are executing the same transaction, high transaction or data volumes, availability, and error handling when your system is overloaded.

Get Top-Notch SQA Solution for Your Software

With our experienced team of SQAs, you can get a high grip on your software’s functional and non-functional issues.

Why HandyBuilds?

Our auditors and trainers are experts in your sector, so we fully understand your company’s challenges and the sector in which you operate. The deployment of our quality management solutions improves your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.





Frequently Asked Questions

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Software quality assurance is a set of planned and systematic activities of all necessary actions to ensure that all intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the software conform to established expectations.

Quality assurance is an effective means in the hands of companies to anticipate the future and reduce the risks of non-quality. Indeed, by establishing the quality assurance manual, the public can know the efforts made by the company to improve the quality of products and services.

Through quality assurance, companies can obtain certifications, which will help improve the company’s reputation. It should be noted that certifications are issued by an external body such as ISO or EFQM. It will bring more reliability to the products and services offered by the company.

We offer a full range of quality assurance and training services, including custom solutions. We always take the time to fully understand your needs in context before working with you to provide quality assurance at the level appropriate for your organization.

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