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Maintenance & Support

Stay online 24/7 to ensure no loss of business

We provide ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrades to address any issues that may arise. Our team of experts is available around-the-clock to provide prompt and efficient support, so you can focus on your business operations. Maximize the lifespan and performance of your software with our maintenance and support services.

Our Services

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance tasks are essential for the smooth and secure operation of any computer system or software application. Considering our client’s business needs we will be providing the following maintenance and support work:

  • Regularly backup of applications and important data to protect against data loss in case of server maintenance or other disasters.
  • Installing security updates and patches as soon as they become available to protect against new security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Regularly checks for bug fixes and software updates that address known issues and improve application performance.
  • Making sure to manage the social media presence in order to providing updates to clients about new features and product updates.

Our Services

Features Enhancement

We know the fact that software development is an ongoing process that involves adding new features and functionalities to keep pace with evolving business needs and user expectations. So to make sure our client’s businesses are evolving with time we’re providing Features enhancement and current processes audit to find out and fix any issues in the current application.

A complete audit of the current application and adding new features is something we’re very good at as a team.

Major techniques and Methodology:

We will then help you with the next steps: generating visitors and achieving conversions. In short: we take care of your online success! Our methodology for web development services are:





Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the impact of social media marketing on the success of a company? We list the biggest advantages

Social media allows you to communicate with your relevant target group easily. You can send personalized messages, respond to their comments, and reply to messages, and that will make the bond between brand and audience much closer!

How do you know if all those campaigns have been worth it? With analysis tools, you can measure everything. In this way, you can always adjust or optimize where necessary. 

Social media marketing generates new customers or leads relatively quickly (often in collaboration with, e.g., Google Ads lead generation). Moreover, those extra visitors to the website will also be noticed by Google. A good post on LinkedIn or Facebook, for example, also positively affects the ranking in search engines. 

You need social media if you want to put yourself on the map as a brand. Only in this way can you be picked up very quickly by a new group of potential customers.

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