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ERP/EMR Software for Your Business, In Your Industry, And Wherever You Are

HandyBuilds ERP/EMR actively participate in the digital transformation of companies by providing them with global and standardized solutions to make them more digital and interconnected. Please find out how we can help you take the lead in your industry with ERP designed for all your business needs.

Intelligent Automation

Only with automated, end-to-end management processes can you run your critical operations efficiently and allow your business to work in unison.

Good Industry Practices

Leverage industry-leading, best-practice capabilities, and a comprehensive enterprise technology platform to transform your business and drive innovation.

Instant Insights

Deliver instant insights to every role within your business, available wherever you are, so you can operate with agility and adapt to the unpredictable.

Drafting of ERP Specifications

We provide a solid basis for reflection to define your project and guide you toward the right ERP solution.

Top-Notch System to Manage Your Working Needs.

All your modifications are updated in real-time, your data is brought together in a single database, and your collaborators work on common web interfaces.

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Sales and Purchase Management

We focused on typical sales and purchase processes: drafting quotes, invoices, order tracking, etc. With a few clicks, you can create sales and purchase orders.

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The CRM module can rely on the sales module for generating leads and creating future opportunities. CRM can easily boost your business.

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Account Management System

Our ERP can handle all your accounting department’s activities, including invoicing, sales orders, purchase orders, general ledger, timesheets, expenses, and electronic payments.

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Project Management

Save time, eliminate repetitive processes, and use your resources efficiently. We offer a real-time, reliable tracking project management system. Achieve your desired goals with HandyBuilds.

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Cost Management System

Knowing the true costs of your project is one of the hardest things for ERPs to understand. We offer a reliable cost management system.

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Asset Management System

HandyBuilds bring innovative ideas and techniques to market to produce realistic and cost-effective asset and data management solutions.

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We help improve communication between the various key functions of an HR department: payroll, personnel administration, training, recruitment, talent management, remuneration policy, etc. 

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Risk Management

We help you optimize your visibility and control over your company’s activities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while preventing risks.

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Material Tracking System

Monitoring sites in a precise and organized way is essential. Our reliable ERP system assists you in tracking the whole material used in your project.

Major Techniques and Methodology:

We have a team of experts that are always ready to assist you with the best advice to make your CRM work for you. Whether you need assistance in implementing your CRM or whether you need help with its basics. 





Frequently Asked Questions

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Get smooth answers of a few queries about Integrated HandyBuilds ERP

In production industries such as metallurgy or the automotive industry, it is essential to guarantee its economic success that all the materials essential to the construction of a given article are available on time, in the necessary quantities and in the right place.

Scheduling staff working hours also plays an important role, as production teams work most of the time according to the brake system. Such a system can quickly lead to a dead end without consistent planning. To avoid this, a well-designed ERP is essential.

The company can use a few modules of the integrated management software package, which it can later enrich by acquiring other applications according to its business management needs. HandyBuilds use a powerful and easy-to-use ERP system.

An ERP can be coupled with a CRM as part of customer relationship management/satisfaction. Thus, you can pool all the information relating to a customer to perfect the knowledge of his profile and anticipate his needs.

ERP software allows you to save all the data related to the day-to-day management activities of your business in one place. ERP provides essential information about your business, including opportunities for improvement, and ensures that you comply with financial regulations. Access to real-time data streamlines your day-to-day operations and makes it easier to manage your business. 

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, HandyBuilds ERP supports the growth and development of your business. We are proud to offer ERP to companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industry. HandyBuilds ERP will help simplify your business and drive your growth, whatever your business needs.

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